Cloud based vs On-premise Servers by Richard Talbot

The cloud in simple terms is a metaphor for the internet (usually Servers in Data Centres). Servers that are cloud based are therefore hosted offsite and usually virtualised and rented.

An on-premise (local) server is a physical server that is purchased and placed at your office, usually in a secure server cabinet.

Which option is right for me? This depends on what the business specific needs and goals are. Engage with an IT professional/ Advisor that has the experience and credentials to give advice, not all businesses will benefit from Cloud/ On-Premise.

Cloud Server
On-premise Server
Opex - Monthly fee and pay as you grow
Capex - Requires a large upfront capital investment
Quicker to deploy
Longer to deploy
Lower cost (less hands on)
Generally higher cost (more hands on)
Third Party firewalls in place
Dependant on local infrastructure and firewalls in place
Flexible and easier to grow/ upgrade
Onsite labour required to scale hardware/ software
Reliant on internet at client side
Not reliant on internet at client side
Datacentres have backup power with 99% uptime
Dependant on local UPS's/ inverters etc