Getting good support shouldn’t be hard. It relies on good communication, solid processes and a great support team. We believe Go Four IT checks all these boxes.

We’ve outlined a few ways to save you and your business time when engaging with our support or technical team.

How to get in touch with support

Our support channels are easily accessible through our Let’s Connect page. We offer support Monday-Friday from 7AM to 5PM.

These options include:

  • Email to create a ticket
  • Use our live chat on our website (bottom right) – works great on mobile too
  • Use our WhatsApp business number – also great on the go
  • Call our office number

Clear and comprehensive communication

We understand that sometimes issues are difficult to describe. After all, you are engaging with us on a problem you often don’t understand. That’s ok, you’re not expected to be a rocket scientist. However, there are some ways to enhance the support experience for both yourself and our support team, which will obviously save time and money.

Did you get an error code or some sort of visual feedback? Please include that in your support request. Screenshots and pictures of the problem or most welcome, and often give us a very good idea of your issue.

Try be specific when you are having an issue. We often receive information like this, “I have a problem with my printer.” While that may be correct, you can save both parties time by including a bit more information. “I have a problem with my Canon printer. It is printing on both sides of the page” is a simple example which saves time.

Is it an administrative or technical issue? Using the correct channel for each type of request can save business hours too. Need a new license for your anti-virus or a new email address added? Engage with our support over live-chat, or our contact form to create a ticket with all the relevant information. Your hosted server appears to be off, or is beeping and making awful sounds? Please call through immediately.

Be ready for support

If you have managed services with Go Four IT, we would have installed an agent that makes it super easy to connect to your workstation to assist with your issue.

Otherwise we suggest making sure AnyDesk or Teamviewer is installed and open on your system. This way, when we ask to connect remotely, it saves precious minutes in your day.

Feedback or suggestions on your support experience

We understand there can be many different complications dealing with support. We aim to always be improving and providing the best service standards. If you have had a bad experience or have an idea that could help us improve, please let us know via our Let’s Connect page, or pop an email to .

Praise is helpful too! We are humans after all. If you’ve had a great experience with our support, please consider leaving a review here (click me). This puts a smile on our faces and lets us know we’re doing well.