What is DNS?

DNS is Domain Name System and is basically a modern phonebook for using the internet. You type in a website address, like facebook.com, and it will automatically translate into the numbered address system which your computer uses (Internet Protocol, or IP). Your computer can then connect you to the resources you asked for, like facebook.com.

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Public DNS

Google and Cloudflare have offered DNS services for free, to the world. To use these services you can add (Cloudflare) or (Google) to your computer or networks DNS settings.

This has been the case for a while and both are used by many technicians as they are extremely reliable DNS servers. for Families

Cloudflare have released a version of their famous service, for families. Cloudflare have configured this to block any Malware or Adult Content. Meaning this is a great way to protect your little ones from things they should not see. All you have to do is set as your DNS server.

Please note they also have which only blocks Malware. This is great for home and business use as it’s an extra layer of security for your devices.

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That sounds great, how do I do this?

If you don’t feel confident in doing this yourselves, please reach out to us via our chat or contact form.

Cloudflare have also provided a fantastic guide for walking you through the setup, no matter what device you are using.


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